Why A Business Should Embrace Going Digital

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Considering the current evolution and changes of modern technologies, every business owner is doing everything it takes to keep up with the digital world. All businesses with physical structures are either changing their business structures to become a digital company or are integrating digital marketing strategies into their current marketing efforts in an effort to take advantage of the lucrative and growing digital marketplace.

Even if your bricks-and-mortar business has a website that attracts lots of daily traffic, this may not lead to anything profitable unless these traffics are converted to leads or sales. However, in the digital world, digital marketing strategies and tools offers both small and medium businesses the best chances for business growth, survival, and even competition. These are the main reasons why a business should embrace going digital.

Going Digital Is More Cost-Effective Than Traditional Marketing

Small business owners have very little capitalization and resources to expend on marketing. This is why going digital provides them with much more cost-effective marketing strategies that delivers even better results. According to a report by Gartner on digital marketing spending, about 40 per cent of the business owners surveyed claimed that they saved a considerable amount of money by adopting digital marketing strategies to promote their products and services. Moreover, Gartner survey has revealed that about 28 per cent of surveyed business owners are willing to shift from traditional marketing channels to digital marketing strategies and tools.

Going Digital Delivers Conversion

Internet-based businesses can easily measure their online success by considering the rate of incoming traffic that is eventually converted into leads or sales. Without conversion, traffic to your website would amount to nothing and your marketing efforts would simply be a waste. However, streamlining marketing efforts towards conversion optimization by using digital marketing campaigns and strategies makes going digital a top priority in business success.

There are lots of digital tools and that you can use for digital marketing strategies. These include SEO (Search Engine Optimization), e-mail marketing, social media marketing, app store optimization, big data personalization, content marketing, influencer marketing, in-store marketing, live video streaming, site optimization, consumer engagement strategy, social media marketing, etc.

Going Digital Helps to Generate Better Revenues

Adopting effective digital marketing strategies and tools will generate higher conversion rates, which will bring lots of profitable benefits for your business in terms of generating higher and better revenues. According to a study by Google and IPSOS in Hong Kong, businesses who use digital marketing strategies are likely to generate about 2.8 times growth in their revenue than those businesses that do not.

The study further revealed that these businesses that generated better revenue through the adoption of digital marketing techniques is about 3.3 times likely to expand their business and workforce. With these facts, the Internet can be described as fuel for better revenue growth for both small and medium businesses.

Going Digital Facilitates Interaction with Targeted Audiences in Real Time

Another reason why business should embrace going digital over traditional marketing strategies is that digital marketing tools and strategies facilitate effective interactions with targeted audiences. There should be a form of engagement when your customers interact with your business. How you handle such interactions and engagements will determine whether you want your business to succeed or fail.

Interacting with your customers and providing them with proper engagement can give you an insight into the actual needs of your targeted audiences. This vital information collected through interaction with your target audience will drive you into developing good relationships with them, providing them with a better experience, and knowing the right kind of moves to take next.

Moreover, going digital can help your business to quickly and easily cater to your mobile consumers, builds brand reputation, realize better ROI from marketing investments, and earns people’s trust

With the few reasons above, you have seen why a business should embrace going digital. Adopting digital tools would not only enable you to implement digital marketing strategies to attract more traffic but to target traffic that will deliver your desired results.


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