Using a CMS to Build a Hotel Website

If you are working at a hotel, bed & breakfast or holiday rental house, then you realize how important it is to get a site not just to showcase your possessions to prospective tenants, but also to provide your guests a simple way to book/reserve a unit and a way for you to collect booking information and payments.

There are a range of alternatives for you in the event that you wish to make a bed and breakfast resort site — and the majority of them are rather pricey.

It’s possible to hire a designer and coder to custom-build a website for you, but which can run you thousands of dollars quite readily (and fast). And should you like to create any edits, then it is going to cost you more money.

There are solutions out there which provide you with a setup fee which runs from tens of thousands of bucks to a few tens of thousands of dollars, and then a recurring yearly fee to maintain up the website.

It may feel like you need to pay an arm and leg and/or be held hostage to expensive programmers or programs simply to get a B&B / hotel site so that you may grow your organization.

However, with the support of site builders, such as Wix, you can construct your own hotel site cheaply and quickly by simply dragging and dropping text, pictures, slideshows, contact types, maps and much more into your website. Continue reading to learn how!

1. The Way to Produce Your Own Hotel Website Cheaply And Readily

One solution to create a custom web design easily by using a website builder! All these are user-friendly tools that permit you to make a website without having to understand even a single line of code.

They host your site for you, and you also do not need to think about anything else besides conducting your small business. Let us just say they are non-tech people friendly!

These website builders do not cost thousands of dollars to install — their monthly programs generally start from approximately $5 and go up to about $25. Why? Well, it is because you are going to be building yourself (it’s rather simple, comparatively quick, and lastly, fun).

However, you want more than just the capacity to construct a site yourself with no codes. You require hospitality associated tools to power your business.

What about reservation systems, payment or other IT support solutions to make the hotel management process Easier?

Yes, all these drag & drop site builders allow you to easily create your own website without hiring expensive developers.

However, what’s missing?

The stark reality is that not all site builders give you an automatic, fashionable and practical approach to provide the hotel/bed & breakfast components for your potential clients!

Sure you can drag an image of your area, then add an “add to cart” button. However, what about booking systems to handle bookings and space stock?

What about accepting bookings 24/7 for your benefit? Think about an attractive description design so that your site really resembles a professionally developed hotel site? What about automatic emails to inform your clients about their reservations?

You want a simple to use site builder which includes bed & breakfast resort associated tools, and that is where Wix comes from.

2. Build And Manage Your Resort Site With Dix Hotels

Wix supplies you with an extremely economical and effortless way to construct a site to showcase your resort and rooms to possible clients. It comes in the kind of a program that you add onto your site, and is known as ‘Wix Hotels.’

Wix is great since it extends to you an inner reservation system that will assist you to manage your reservations and collect obligations, while also powering your site. It also offers you a sufficient amount of data protection services, because you never want your guests’ booking information to leak out easily.

What actually rocks is that Wix has over 500 premium templates for you to pick from, and in one of these, they have a good deal of excellent looking hotel concentrated templates.

Among the initial actions you will want to consider when creating your site is choosing a template. Then you will have to personalize it by dragging and dropping elements and populating it with your own content. Following that, you are almost there!

The burning question in your head is just how much? Right? Price is a significant element to take into account in operation, so let us get right into this.

3. How Much Does It Cost to Construct A Hotel Site With Web?

Wix is totally free for you to try out (to test drive to find out whether you like their user interface).

This is very significant (just so that you get familiar with what you are getting into). Additionally, it is great to be aware that they don’t impose any time limits on your trial — so it is possible to produce a fully working website at no cost, without needing to rush.

To get more web construction tools, also to have the ability to use your domain, you are able to update to their own premium programs.

There are some plans, which range from $5 a month to $25 a month, based on what you want.

Remember which you could always upgrade if you want more, downgrade in case you want less, or perhaps cancel. So you are not tied up at a long-term contract at all.

You can add the Wix Hotels program onto your site at No Cost. If you would like to upgrade to a premium version of the program and gain access to advanced features to increase your resort’s site, the cost is $9.99 per month.

It is vital that you add the program to your site to change it from a standard site to one that allows you to power the system and information in the website of that accommodation in Hobart Waterfront that you own.

Even in the event that you include about the monthly fee of utilizing Wix (from $5 to $25 a month), even it is not a very costly instrument to power your online booking platform.

Now that we are aware that Wix is a far less costly alternative to other alternatives, for example, hiring a designer, let us enter everything you get together with Wix Hotels (to see whether it can actually get the job done for you).

4. 3 Steps To Developing Your Resort Site With Wix Hotels

We have seen in a picture over what your site can possibly look like, but just how do you really go about doing it?

1 thing to understand is that Will is quite flexible when it comes to dragging and dropping articles around your site. That means that you can certainly design/design your site how that you wish to, altering colors, font styles, pictures, to reflect your brand — all by a couple of mouse clicks without bothering codes.

Making your bed and breakfast/hotel site with a CMS website builder like Wix is quite simple — there are 3 primary parts to take:

Part 1: Integrating Rooms

Whenever you’re adding rooms to your site in Wix, you can name your rooms (i.e. Deluxe, Twin), including the number of guests, room dimensions, the number of beds and room descriptions.

You could even outline what type of conveniences include every room. As you probably know, this very important when it comes to choosing hotels — that’s one of the very first things I look for when I book rooms!

Next, it is time to upload pictures of your rooms, you could upload up to 10 for every. Ensure that you upload really high-quality pictures!

Last, you can add your room rates. Wix Hotels let you place different rack rates for weekdays and weekends. You might even set up monthly and weekly prices for rooms, for those who have long-term visitors.

Part 2: Editing Settings

You want to be certain that your guests may find you, therefore this step you want to bring the address of your premises and your own contact details.

The contact information you enter will automatically look at your guests’ booking confirmation emails — a very valuable feature from Wix here.

Part 3: Setting Up Payments

Wix offers you 4 ways to have paid:

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Mercado Pago
  • Offline obligations

When a guest makes an internet booking with your site, you may opt to accumulate payment up front with PayPal, Stripe (also a remarkably popular payment processor), or Mercado Pago (to take payments from a range of Latin American nations ).

These are closely integrated with Wix Hotels so that you don’t need to think about the technical aspect of things.

There’s also a choice to find offline payments. In this way, your visitors do not settle the invoice until they arrive. It is up to you which choice you like to possess.

You might even add taxes to your reservations also.

4. Conclusion

Employing Wix and its own Wix Hotels add-on provides you the maximum control over your small business site (without needing to have any technical abilities), and will be the cheapest in the long run for your industry. 

You do not have to employ anybody to produce the website that’s best for you, you do not have to cover them for creating tiny changes which you could certainly do yourself. Getting things done is only so much quicker this way.

Wix empowers you to construct a complete site for your Hobart based art hotel, and its own Web Hotels instrument lets you take bookings on the internet and collect guest information and payment 24/7, mechanically. Your visitors can hunt for available rooms punctually, along with the stock that is always updated.

Gone are the times where you need to rely on costly service suppliers that react very gradually once you need to upgrade details on your rooms or companies.

Using Wix, you can simply log in to your website and also make those changes easily on your own.

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