Essential Techs to Bring When Travelling

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When going on vacation, especially when you are travelling in a group, you may feel that the best is to unplug from any tech. However, there are some essential techs that can actually make your trip a more enjoyable one.

Some of these techs would add more fun to your trip, while others may add additional convenience to your travel experiences. Taking these essential techs when travelling can help you to solve some of the most annoying issues that may crop up during your trip and make your trip a pleasant and memorable one.

Here are some essential techs to bring when travelling to make your trips more enjoyable, easier, and safer.


You may not really bother about going with a laptop if you would only be spending a weekend on your trip but a laptop would be of great benefit if you plan an extended trip. A laptop will present you with a better view to make your bookings or change it where appropriate, research local excursions and restaurants, or better still to back up your videos and photos on the go. Though any laptop is ok as long as it has a strong power back, going with a thin and lightweight laptop like the 11 inches MacBook Air will offer you extra functionality without adding weight to your luggage. Going on your trip with a laptop may also be a great way to keep entertaining yourself in your hotel room or rented lodge.


Though your phone may be equipped with the best camera, it is still a phone and may lack some functionalities present in a camera.

It is, therefore, necessary for you to get a camera. Not necessarily an expensive one. Any powerful, smart, and durable point-and-shoot camera like the Sony Cyber-shot may be a perfect pick. Choose a camera that has a battery that can last longer, that can snap and record HD shots and videos respectively, that is lightweight, and as well portable enough to fit in your pocket. Also, ensure that your camera has a large storage capacity to save all your memorable moments and has a very clear and capable lens coupled with a large sensor.

Memory Card

You may have so much fun on your trip that your camera may not have sufficient inbuilt memory capacity to serve you. Rather than stopping your fun just because of insufficient memory capacity to capture them or deleting some old memories to allow for new ones, you can get a memory card, a SanDisk Ultra 64GB Memory Card would be very useful. This miniature microSD can fit into any compatible device like a camera, laptop, and smart devices. So you can use it with any of your device that accepts the microSD format to continue with saving the fun moments.

USB – Universal Serial Bus

Should in case you couldn’t get a microSD or a suitable one that fits your need, then you can opt-in for a USB as long as you have your laptop with you for the trip. With the USB, you can quickly and easily copy photo and video files from your camera or smart device unto your laptop to save them better and allow for more space on your camera or smart device to capture more fun-fill moments.

Portable baggage Scale

Everybody hates baggage fees and always tries to avoid them as much as possible. But it is more annoying when you only get to know at the airport that you are carrying an overweight luggage when you could have at least avoided this overweight charges right while packing.

You can simply get a portable baggage scale, attach it to your luggage straps, and lift. If your baggage is overweight, you can remove some items before you arrive at the airport. This tech will help you to reduce stress, wait times, and costs.

Other essential techs to bring when travelling include an international plug adapter with USB, Keepgo global data SIM, small travel steam iron, a portable Wi-Fi hotspot and power bank, and an ultraportable Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth head set, etc.

This list is inexhaustible, but taking the few essential techs listed above on your journey can make your trip a wonderful and pleasurable one.


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