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Running a business means you have to multi-task. You need to know financials, be a problem solver and know how to communicate. If you are struggling with all these roles, try a business app for your needs to take some load off of you.

Here are a few apps that have ranked high when it comes to apps that all business need:


This is a type of accounting software that helps you to run the business by giving you a sense of the financial status of the company. You can track the sales and expenses, profit and loss reports, pay the workers and located unpaid invoices.


Many have tried to get skype knocked off, but it still runs well and is very popular. There are over 10 million users. Skype can complete video and voice calls all around the world. You can send pictures, videos, share your computer screen and even send text messages. Skype is also compatible with the Amazon device Alexa.


There are 200,00 businesses that use Dropbox and it has over 500 million users. Dropbox has gained immense popularity and is the most used app for storing and sharing files in the cloud. This is good for companies that share information with teleworkers.


This is an app that helps to managed and build mailing lists. You can easily create newsletters and send them where they have to go. You can customise email templates and view reports about the emails. This gives you the ability to send more relevant emails to the customers. This has now been hugely incorporated into fitness industry marketing where the app aids to send out new membership details, newsletters, upgrades, special offers, etc.


If businesses are looking for a way to improve their collaboration and communication, then you don’t need to look anywhere else than Asana. This is a web-based app that allows you to view projects and tasks with the ability to follow their progress on the main board of Asana.

Asana can be linked with Dropbox and Google Drive where you can attach different files or post updates. On the board, you can post notes and upload files where you can communicate without the need for emailing. Emailing peers and seniors about updates and changes can be a tiresome process. In various fields such as auditing, accounting, marketing leading to quick updates such as payroll for bankers, campaign planning for marketeers or gym leads for trainer’s records, this tool can be absolutely useful.

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Pushover is a program that allows you to send a push message to a smartphone. You can use it on your mobile where you can organise notifications and messages all in the one spot. There is a limit of 7,500 messages free each month, but you receive unlimited notifications on iOS, desktops and Android devices.

My minutes

If you have trouble concentrating and focusing on the one task then you need My minutes. My minutes can help you to stay focused by setting goals. It currently used only on iPhones.

There are many apps available which offer you ease, simplicity and organisation to your business while keeping you and your employees more organised and motivated. It becomes vital for your business to entirely explore on all your options for a sufficient push and sustenance of your business growth and development.

Some will have a fee that you will be required to pay whiles others offer a free service. If you are not sure if the app would suit, then consider trialling it first. Most paid versions of apps will offer a trial version.

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