New Tech Trends Your Small Business Need to Follow

Trends Your Small Business Needs to Follow

Every year the trends in small businesses change. Small businesses need to determine what works for their business and what changes need to be made for the upcoming new year. Here are some popular trends that people are applying to their businesses in 2019.

Google+ shutting down

If you haven’t heard already Google+ is shutting down during next year. Google+ had popularity when it started but that soon died down quickly. There will certainly be some impact on small businesses which is why businesses may need to adjust their strategies to suit. Many claim they weren’t using it enough, even when looking for new businesses or services. Think about it – would you ever search for “low commission real estate agents” on Google+?  Probably not, which is why it’s important to stay relevant. 

Be aware of the content marketing trends

To ensure your content marketing strategy will still be positive in 2019 know what the current trends are and the different trends that are affecting other businesses. Adjustments are essentials to keep your content marketing effectively working.

Using voice-activated technology

Voice-activated technology changes the way people are interacting with content. When it comes to communicating with customers and other business holders it is important that you have voice activated tech and be sure to adjust your strategy with this to ensure you are reaching people and people are reaching your content. For example, if you want to find out if an online property sales business is legit, you can use a voice activation such as Siri or Alexa and ask your device directly.

Using automation

Automation is finding its way into everyone’s businesses. If you have podcasting then you need to look into using automation to make the process easier which will help your business run more efficiently.

Look into the effectiveness of your ads on Facebook

Facebook has brought a tool for measuring your advertising campaigns and what impact they are having. It is vital to keep track of the data for all business that want to get great ROI.

Find franchise opportunities

If you are looking into getting a franchise it can be a little overwhelming. There are so many options available so you need to ensure you do all your research. Franchise websites are good sources of information so check these up before deciding on anything.

Using new mobile apps to improve photos

Having great quality photos on your website is vital. Many business owners prefer to manage their websites via their mobile phone so they can do it on the go. Check out the latest apps that will improve the quality of your images. This is especially important if you sell specific products. But even if you were, say, a commercial property management company, it would be beneficial to have beautiful images of the properties your managing.

Coworking spaces

In the last few years, remote work has grown in popularity. Co-working spaces offer an increase in productivity. Co-working spaces offer fewer distractions. Many office leasing companies offer co-working space solutions these days, check which company is closest to your area.

Use new tools to enhance your Instagram posts

If you are posting on Instagram regularly but aren’t seeing any positive impacts of the business look into the new tools avail that can help you communicate correctly with potential customers first.

Turn your retail tech around

All businesses know how important it is to change things as they change with the times. Technology thrives in retail businesses. It is time to evolve your tech further beyond 2018 and have the most updates tools, tech, computer software and information available for your customers. This will avoid delays and frustrated customers.

 Tech Trends Your Small Business Needs to Follow

New Ways of Using Social Media

Interacting with other people and sharing content has become so popular with the use of social media. Social media can pose be an excellent marketing opportunity for businesses all over the world.

You can use social media for hundreds of different things

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have plenty of positive advantages

  • The ability to target certain groups, businesses can target people in particular locations
  • Most social media sites are free for businesses and when they do incur costs they are very low-cost, making social media very affordable for businesses
  • You can use social media to communicate with potential customers and loyal customers
  • Information can be distributed quickly either by private message for one person or on the timeline where it can be viewed by everyone. This makes it easy to get a message to everyone instead of individuals letters and memos
  • No high tech computer software is needed and the average person can use social media as they are very easy and simple to navigate through

There are risks involved so be sure that you understand the risks of using social media before getting involved

  • The risk of the wrong information being spread about your business
  • Negative reviews posted
  • Legal problems if you don’t follow copyright laws and privacy legislation


There are many different marketing activities and different social media sites that are better suited.

Twitter: This site is pretty much a micro-blogging service. You can receive and send short messages from loyal customers and potential customers.

Facebook: This site allows you to post photos, videos, promote offers and sell items. You can have private conversations or post to your timeline for everyone on your friend’s list to see.

YouTube: YouTube is a video hosting service that lets people share videos and comment on them. There are different channels you can follow.

Online blogs: Blogs are sites that have a series of posts about certain topics and read almost like a journal.

Businesses are using technology to support their marketing.  

  • Modify websites to make sure they work on all mobile devices
  • Develop an app for electronic devices
  • Letting customers shop from the comfort of their own home

Social media can seem daunting at first but once you get the gist of it, it is easy to work out and use.

You can become overwhelmed at first if you have more than one social media account. It is advisable to be a member of one social media site first then once you have that worked out and know your way around you can open another. You can become overwhelmed and swamped under if you are trying to run many social media sites at once keeping them updated with the latest updates of your business or trying to reply to all the messages sitting in your inbox. If customers are not receiving messages back or it is taking too long to receive a message they will look elsewhere for the business.


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