Technology in the Salon Business

Technology and salons

Unlike traditional tools for hair marking, technology is changing the setup and operations of salon owners daily. The evolution of technology also affects how hairstylists interact with their clients. This smart method of running salon businesses might be here to stay. However, most of the salon owners that spoke with me about tech also complained of maintenance and acquisition cost. These are some features of technologies that can improve salon operators and their clients’ relationship.

Appointment Scheduling Apps

Apart from having a website, the first impression that comes from a technology-compliant salon is its automatic appointment scheduling app. This software is compatible with handheld devices and computers. With a few clicks, clients can access the salon’s calendar to schedule or rebook their appointment. The core benefit of this technology is its cost-effectiveness. Make up salon owners don’t have to pay receptionists to answer the phone calls or go online before scheduling appointments for clients. This can free up their time to sell hair products, cosmetics, or accessories like a pure silk pillowcase. Instead, this intelligent beauty salon app handles greeting of clients, and scheduling of appointments effectively.

Security Made Easy with CCTV Cameras

Most high-end beauty salons have retail merchandise like body care products and hair formula. Normally, shoplifting occurs when shoppers think it’s safe to steal. With the installation of CCTV cameras at corners and odd corners of your salon, shoplifter can be apprehended. With technology, nothing stays the same because improved models of security cameras are produced every year. Hairstylists might be too busy to monitor the footage of CCTV cameras on the TV screens. However, a wireless network connection can send signals of the security coverage to multiple locations for monitoring.

Web Cameras

As part of social media marketing strategies, hairstylists can share salon experience with their followers or fans on social media. This audience of various social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook might be beauty enthusiasts that want to enhance their hair-making skills. So, the hairstylist can ‘wow’ them with different hairstyles by using web cameras and the internet. This form of technology allows for live streaming (real-time updates) of every hair-making session at the salon.

Also, hairstylists can upload instructional videos, or hold training sessions with live participants on respective social media handles. It’s a marketing campaign strategy that boosts the reputation of beauty salon owners in the beauty industry. Hair and beauty salons can also market products, such as a silk sleepmask to promote eyelash growth, or a new brand of hair care products.

Geo-Location Programs

Without a user-friendly website, it will be difficult to compete with modern businesses. When first-time clients or referrals are attracted to your salon, they might want to go online to get direction to its location. It might be easy t get directions with the map feature of a popular search engine. However, potential clients will enjoy the convenience of using the built-in Geo-Location program on the salon’s website to get directions. Instead of opening another tab on the browser or mobile app to get directions, an all-in-one solution from your website might be a time-saving advantage. Ask your web developer to integrate Geo-Location Programs on your website and make it easy to use. Customers love ease of search and found. Take complete advantage of the opportunity.

GPS search by customer

Online Client Surveys

After rendering beauty services to your clients, a customer-focused beauty salon should ask for feedback and service ratings. The strategy of surveying clients’ response can help salon owners to improve their business, and reward customer loyalty. It doesn’t matter whether you own a salon or operate as an independent stylist, you need online tools to know if your clients’ satisfaction levels. The feature for surveying clients’ opinion on your service can be integrated with your salon’s app. Normally, it works fast by collecting responses to multiple-choice questions from respective clients in less than 3 minutes.

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